The Sunshine Grille Experience

People are just beside themselves as they read the menu and try to decide what to order. First, try to get past the monthly Specials Menu. There is a special for all hours of the day. Come in for breakfast and you will melt over our special pancakes. The soup and burger of the month are to die for. Then there are the appetizers and entree specials which you would only expect to find at a fine dining establishment.

Breakfast is served until 4pm everyday; begin flipping through the well put together full menu and you will find choices from almost every food category. The quick tour: grilled octopus, chef's mezze board, fried green tomatoes, pulled pork eggrolls, French onion soup, Memphis Ribs, mango grilled tuna, shrimp salad, rockfish basket, seafood club, falafel pita, bison burgers, lamb burgers, and all kinds of paninis, wraps & hoagies. Many people ask what is the most popular item, or our best item. This is a reasonable question since most places are known for one or two things they do exceptionally well. We like to think that every item coming out of our kitchen is exceptional and noteworthy. We challenge you to prove us wrong!

What is good food without the proper beverage for pairing? A respectable craft beer and wine selection sit beside our hand selected spirits. The seasons change and our drink menu changes with them. Seasonal beers and cocktails are trendy and fun. After perusing the choices, even the connoisseurs will give us a thumbs up!

It's not over yet; leave room for dessert. Our desserts are made in-house, and those that aren't, we source from local bakers. Our bakery case is mesmerizing: cakes, more cakes, pies, house specialties, and seasonal goodies. Customers pay at the counter; this gives us a bit of face time with each and every guest. It just so happens that the bakery case is located next to the cash register. Our regulars often ask to take two desserts home, which they enjoy while watching TV. Sounds like a nice finish to a great meal, wouldn't you say?